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About DigitalPlaybooks

DigitalPlaybook™ is an Enterprise-level interactive suite developed specifically for sports teams. We design and develop custom tablet and phone-based apps customized for players and coaches. Our Digital Playbook™ app is the premiere solution for converting existing print-based playbooks into interactive, custom branded experiences.

DigitalPlaybook elevates the way teams compete.
Founded: Spring 2011
Staff: 8
Locations: USA/EU/AUS
Clients include: Professional, collegiate & amateur teams around the globe
Featured Sports: American Football, European Football (Soccer), Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Rugby & Lacrosse

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Designed for your team. Developed for the iPad®.

Digital Playbook App screen and ipad tablet photo

Digital Playbooks began as a small start-up specializing in brand design and digital sports marketing for professional and collegiate sports teams around the country.

Our interactive design team developed the Digital Playbook™ App for the iPad® after having been contacted by a leading professional NFL sports franchise interested in converting its print-based playbooks and gameplans to a digital medium. Subsequent research and consulting led us to develop our enterprise-level app for the iPad, serving the needs of all professional and collegiate sports teams.

Digital Playbooks USA and Europe

Digital Playbooks is headquarted in Baltimore, Maryland, proud home of the Maryland crab, the Oriole bird, Edgar Allan Poe, Michael Phelps and Under Armour. We operate out of a refurbished 100-year old sail factory 5 miles north of the Inner Harbor. In the summer of 2012, we opened a secondary office in Düsseldorf, Germany, located in the hip, fashion-forward Oberkassel district.


john welker

John Welker
Partner & Creative Director

John Welker is the founder and creative director of Digital Playbooks USA. Welker led the design of the Digital Playbook™ App for the iPad® and manages all accounts, assisting teams with the implementation of the Digital Playbook product suite.

Contrary to popular belief, Welker is not related to the star wide receiver from a certain New England professional football franchise.

john welker

Marcel Tricarico
Partner, App Development

Marcel Tricarico leads the Interactive Team in developing custom applications for current teams. Tricarico oversees the Digital Playbooks development team's ongoing updates and software upgrades.

Tricarico holds a degree in Computer Science and is fluent in four languages: English, Italian, German and Code.

john welker

Nicolas Zewe
Sales & Marketing, Europe

Nicolas Zewe leads the sales and marketing efforts for Digital Playbooks Europe, Ltd. in Germany and surrounding regions.

Unlike Welker, Zewe is related to a star athlete — former German football player, Gerd Zewe. Zewe was part of the Düsseldorf team that reached the German Cup final on three consecutive occasions. He also appeared in the 1978 World Cup.

oliver mach

Oliver Mach
Client Relations Manager

Oliver Mach manages team accounts and coordinates client relationships across several sports.

Prior to joining Digital Playbooks, Mach was TV co-host of a popular music network in Germany. Mach is also an avid collector of sports memorabilia and is a stat guru, known for memorizing obscure game scores and player stats from past decades.

Developed for sports teams in: Football Baseball Basketball Soccer Hockey Lacrosse Rugby Volleyball