Digital Playbooks' global game plan expands to include digital solutions for sports teams in the following countries/regions:   


Work hard. Play harder. PlayLab is dedicated to projects currently in development at Digital Playbooks. Check back periodically for news on version updates and new App features currently "in the lab."


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PlayLab showcases interactive features currently in development
for upcoming versions of our DigitalPlaybook product suite.

DigitalPlaybooks Stopwatch

MyPad allows coaches to track a team's iPad tablets and review how long a particular user has accessed the App. Using an iPad's UDID, the Digital Playbook App helps teams manage individual devices and view when a player or coach last logged into the App to study playbooks, access game film or share events on the team calendar.

Digital Playbook App for Sports Teams on the iPad


DigitalPlaybooks Stopwatch
Team Schedule

Our Team Schedule module allows teams to review upcoming games and activities controlled by coaches and trainers via the teams web services portal. Create notifications and alerts, create "To Do" lists and check emails sent within the team.

Digital Playbook App for Sports Teams on the iPad



Player Rosters
iPhone App

Create and manage your coach and player rosters within DigitalPlaybook™ on the iPhone. While smaller and more compact in nature, the iPhone version of DigitalPlaybook allows coaches "on-the-go" to manage all users, assign specific content permissions, create events and team-wide tasks and sync those updates across the rest of the team.

Screenshot of Digital Playbook on iPad

Game Film icon
Video Integration with Playbooks

Teams have requested it. We have listened. In addition to digital playbook annotating and editing capabilities, we are currently in phase 1 development of Video Integration with Digital Playbooks. When complete, this will allow teams to tag plays on a playbook page with a corresponding video of that particular play. Players and students can quickly see what a 2-D diagram play looks like in live video.

Screenshot of Digital Playbook Video on iPad

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